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The Northwood High School Falcon Academy for Medical and Engineering Exploration (FAME) enters its thirteenth year of providing unique career exploration experiences coupled with technology-rich and academically challenging science, math, and health science courses of study.  FAME is currently recruiting its next freshman class, the Class of 2022.

While FAME may not be the right program for every student, it does provide a variety of unique learning and investigative career experiences within a small, close-knit environment.  Annually, students apply what they have learned in coursework to research career avenues.  Our program is designed to ensure a level of rigor that major colleges and scholarship programs encourage and enlist.

Extensive opportunities for specialization in math, science, and applied sciences, such as medicine, engineering, biochemistry, robotics, and computer science encourage each student to explore and apply their intellectual talents through individual research and internship, thereby promoting an enriched learning environment for students.

The application packet provided below contains important information for all 8th grade students/ transfer students and their parents to review and possibly complete.  Should you decide this program is right for your student’s future educational goals and aspirations, apply now!

Completed applications are due by Friday, March 23, 2018, by 4:00 p.m. in the Counselors’ Office at Northwood High School.  If you are seeking a learning environment that supports academic work towards a career in science, health science, math, engineering, or simply a specialized small school environment in conjunction with a variety of co-curricular activities, FAME may be the program for you.  We hope you and your student will seriously consider applying to our program.  We look forward to meeting you during upcoming evening Parent Information Nights.  Please contact us with any additional questions you might have.



Ms. Jackson, Freshman Counselor

Shannon Wall, Principal