LEAP Review Videos



Overview of English LEAP 2025

Vocabulary in Context: Inference and Context Clues Part I

Vocabulary in Context: Inference and Context Clues Part II

Literary Analysis Writing Format


Literary Analysis Task Grading and Rubric

Literary Analysis Task Reading Passage: Part I

Literary Analysis Task Reading Passage: Part II

Thematic Topic vs. Thematic Message

Elements of a Narrative

Narrative Writing Scoring and Rubric


Manifest Destiny

Life on the Plains

Farming in the West

The Populist Movement

Populist Part I

Populist Part II

Populist Part III

Wilson as a Progressive

Foreign Policies

New deal part 1

New Deal Part II

World War II Begins

World War II Homefront Notes


Solving Linear Inequalities

Graphing Inequalities With Two Variables

Graphing Quadratics and Analyzing Functions

Point Slope Form of a Line

Factor GCF from Polynomials

Scatterplot and Trend Data

Multiply Polynomials Using Box Method

Solve Quadratics by Factoring

Solve Quadratics by Graphing

Solve Quadratics by Quadratic Formula

Translations of Quadratic Functions

Factor Trinomials

Polynomial Terminology

Operations With Polynomials (Addition and Subtraction)

Operations With Polynomials (Multiplication)

Exponent Properties

Systems of Linear Inequalities

Systems of Linear Equations

Slope Intercept Form of a Line


Key Features of a Graph

Domain and Range

Relations and Functions

Solving Absolute Value Equations

Solving Literal Equations

Writing and Solving Equations

Writing Expressions

Numeric and Graphic Representations of Data


DNA/RNA (Part 1)

DNA/RNA Practice Questions

Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis Practice Questions

Macromolecules (Part II)




Punnett Squares



 Evolution by Natural Selection 

Bacterial Growth With or Without Antibiotics

Bacteria Vs. Viruses

 Human Body Systems

Pedigree Case Studies

 Evidence for Evolution

Antibiotic Resistance

Types of Proteins

 Cellular Respiration Ecology

 Pedigree Basics


 licy of Roosevelt