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“Aloha, Falcon Line” by Kathryn Niestoeckel 

Falcon Line is about to leave the Nest and fly all the way to Hawaii! In March, Northwood’s dance team will be taking a trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii. They will be competing in their dance competition at the very beginning of March, and will be staying in paradise for a week. The girls, and their sponsor, are sure to have a wonderful time enjoying their vacation and competition.

Falcon Line will be taking their trip in order to compete in a number of routines and performances. Traveling so far away takes a lot of time and a great amount of money. Falcon Line, alongside Falcon Line Society, has been working diligently to raise money for their trip by holding many fundraisers and activities.

According to Katelynn Benge, Falcon Line is on their way to meeting their goal. She says  “Falcon Line is halfway there; we have reached $25,000 towards our trip.” Of course, Falcon Line will be doing many more fundraisers to reach their goal. Katelynn says they have been hard at work selling “candy boxes, Back-to-School dance tickets, and raffle tickets at football games … to help get all the money we need.”

Many supporters have also been ready to help Falcon Line reach their goal and make it to Hawaii. Falcon Line Society, parents,teachers, community partners and students have all pitched in to help these talented girls reach their goal. The students here at school participate in most of the activities and fundraisers. Of course, everyone has a personal favorite activity to get involved in. Kaleigh Babin explains how her favorite activity to participate in is to “buy snow cones that are sold right after cheer practice.”

Northwood High School is ready to send their falcons to Hawaii to have a wonderful time. We know the girls will do their very best and try their hardest. When these lovely ladies come back from their competition, we are sure they will be bringing back a numerous amount of titles and trophies. Good luck to our award-winning Falcon Line!