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Northwood’s very own Caleb Krikorian has recently been selected as the Corps Commander for Caddo Parish JRTOC. This is a prestigious honor which has not been achieved at Northwood High School in at least twenty years. Not only is this an incredible opportunity for Cadet Colonel Caleb Krikorian, but is also a positive reflection of the hard work and dedication of students and faculty here at Northwood High.

Accomplishing this feat was no easy task. Mr. Krikorian began this endeavor towards the end of his Junior year in high school. On the first day of school, he continued preparing his in-depth Cadet Portfolio, constructing an official essay regarding leadership and professional development, perfecting his uniform to the nearest sixteenth of an inch, and studying for an intricate exam. Most importantly, he prepared his briefing to later present on October 5th to eleven retired Colonels from the U.S. Army, the Superintendent of Caddo Parish Schools (Dr. Theodis Goree) and the Director of High Schools, Mr. Victor Mainiero. According to the new Corps Commander, earning this position “is a great honor.” The official Awards Ceremony will take place on the seventh of November at the Caddo Parish School Board and Caleb is  “…excited for everyone to come!…”

Mr. Wall and all of the faculty/staff at NHS could not be more proud of Cadet Colonel Krikorian, and his fellow students support him as well. We are looking forward to his busy but rewarding year, and cannot wait to see what future endeavors he pursues. Congratulations, Caleb. It is a great day to be a Falcon!