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Riding the Road to the Dome

by Kathryn Niestoeckel                                                                                                                                       Image Credit (Spirit Bus): S. Hearron

The falcon spirit groups traveled all the way to New Orleans, Louisiana to cheer on our football team who were battling the Edna Karr Cougars. Although this away game (located six hours away) made Northwood history, the most unforgettable
memories were created on two charter buses. As our team was practicing for their hardest game yet, Northwood’s biggest fans were preparing to take a trip of a lifetime.
On Friday, November 24th, our own parking lot was packed full with students, parents, and fans. The band came prepared with their instruments, the cheerleaders were peppy and spirited, and Falcon Line had their traditional white boots on. Spectators had their bags packed and the buses were loaded at 10 a.m. As the buses left, excitement was flowing through all the spirit groups aboard and the fun was just beginning.                                                                                                                      Those on the bus were included in numerous amounts of team bonding activities. Hourly, Mrs. Hearron (Falcon Line Sponsor) would inform the entire bus of her very own fun fact. Thanks to one of our sponsors, the “Falcon Express” was given a great amount of interesting information. The Northwood spirit groups also participated in yelling aloud to chants, led by Varsity Cheer. With high school teenagers all occupying one space, countless stories were shared and an abundance of memories were created.
The ride to New Orleans provided unity for Northwood’s spirit groups and allowed all our teams to grow closer. Our football team will never forget the game they played under those shining lights that night and our dance line, cheerleaders, and fans will always remember the trip that made history. Our school is very proud of all the effort and dedication applied to this season and the Blanchard community will always be the Falcons’ biggest supporters.