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Featured Image/ Article: Caleb Krikorian

There is a small catalyst of knowledge and creativity that sparks a bigger effect within the halls of this school everyday. Northwood High School consists of a highly specialized population of students. Of course, we are ethnically and racially diverse, but the demographic of skills is much more diverse. In a normal, boring world, the ¨smart¨ kids do their homework, the ¨cheer¨ kids do their routines, and the ¨military¨ kids do drill, but at Northwood, it is not hard to find someone with an amazing talent. But often times, these skills are never shown to light.

For example, two Seniors, among many on campus, are known among their peers for their extracurricular and academic efforts. An affable Senior you may not hear about spends a lot her time on the Cheer team. In fact, her team is nationally-recognized for being so good at what they do! She has been on the team for four years and also contributes to the Gold Honor Council on campus as well. What many may not know is her astounding capability to solve complicated puzzles in record time! She reports that ¨situations that require experience in problem-solving has always fascinated me!¨ This claim is definitely bolstered by her Rubix cube skills, something that many people wish they possessed!

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Our second Senior Spotlight goes to Mr. Clayton Tibbit. This young man has a talent that doesn’t seem coherent with his persona or mannerisms. Clayton does not get a lot of recognition, just like many other students, but remains a hard worker. He serves a relentless dedication to the fishing team and his academics. Just like Hannah, he is an achieving student in his AP classes. When he is not studying, fishing, or doing timed writings, he raps. Rap, for those that do not know, stands for rhythm and poetry. He enjoys “…writing raps and just playing with all the different beats and sounds… how they go together with the lyrics is really cool… always been something I’ve been interested in…”.

Tibbit looking for inspiration through mixing and altering rhythm and beats.
Photo: Caleb Krikorian

Do you have a hidden talent? For many, their talents only extend as far as their extracurricular activities. Often times, students are too busy to indulge in anything else other than their schoolwork or after-school activities. Having a hobby does not only expand one’s breadth of experience and knowledge, but it also opens new doors in their lives.