By: Grace Fowler/Image Credit: Grayce Fowler

Recently, Northwood held our class officer elections where each of our new officers had to campaign against their peers and friends to earn a leadership role in our school government body. Each leader has great ideas for events for this school year. As students of Northwood High School, you elect who you would like to run your class, but you may never know what they are planning to do after they are elected. Your officers sat down with field reporter Grayce Fowler to discuss his or her plans for an awesome Falcon year.

Kaylyn Lafitte- Senior Class President  “I have so many plans for this year. As most presidents will say, I plan to increase not only school spirit but also help make my community better. Not better but great! As Senior Class President, I want to make everyone involved. Even if you aren’t an officer, I want it to be open to spirited Falcons to come out and make Northwood great. I want to do more activities as a class. Design a class shirt (other than the one we already make). I want to win every pep rally, have majority of our class at all the games making our boys play better. Since it is our last year, I want to be able to throw some fundraisers for our local schools and most of all I want to make out last year the best it could possibly be! I want more opportunities for our class as a whole and I want everyone to feel involved and most importantly, remember how blessed we are to be Northwood’s class of 2019!”

Grayce Fowler- Junior Class President  “As Junior Class President, I plan to have sign parties to promote school spirit at football games, pep rallies and throughout the school; I am also planning two movie nights in the gym. As well as designing a tshirt, I want to have each student involved. I want to have a kickball tournament in the spring and overall just have more events and opportunities for our class to get involved. I love our class and I love each of the students in our class. I feel that everyone should have a say in what we do and have the opportunities that everyone can get involved in. If everyone would get involved this year, next year our senior year would be great! Let’s be great, class of 2020! We are the year with a vision! Go Falcons!!”

James Jefferson- Sophomore Class President “As Sophomore Class President, the one goal that is at the top of my list of things to get done is to bring the class of 2021 together. I say that because high school is the greatest four years of your life and I would be beyond grateful and blessed to say that as a Sophomore Class President we all became one unit and one family, and after all it’s a great day to be a falcon!”

Mary Grace Roberts- Freshman Class President “As your 2018-2019 Freshman Class President, my plan for the year is to increase freshmen’s school spirit. As a freshman at Northwood, I am able to see that many of the freshmen are not involved and do not show school spirit. For example, at the beginning of the year pep rally, most of the freshmen sat in the bleachers and did nothing but play on their phones. Also, at the football games and at the jamboree, the freshmen did not sit in the Nest. This really makes me unhappy because I know what a great school Northwood is and how we can better improve Northwood. But that all starts with students and how they interact. I will accomplish this goal by working together with my other freshmen officers to create fun, trendy, and new ideas to encourage the freshmen to be more involved. I believe that with the work of the other freshmen officers and the participation of the freshman class, we will be able to increase school spirit and make Northwood the school we all know it can be!”

Each of these leaders has great ideas for the school year. One thing all of them have in common is their yearning to increase school spirit and student participation. As Northwood students, you should all want to participate and help your officers goals become reality! It’s going to be a great year, Falcons!