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By: Brayden Mcilwain / Image Credit: Kathryn Niestoeckel

In past years, our school has held many pageants for the ladies of Northwood, and even brought back their Wilted Rose, a pageant where boys dress up as girls. This year, however, the first ever Prince Charming Pageant, where boys have the chance to show off their style, will be held September 29th at 7 o’clock in the auditorium. The Falcon boys will take the runway in order to prove who’s the man of the group and it will definitely be a pleasure to watch.


Though this marks the first year Northwood has put on this pageant, students of all grades are already on board. One specific student is Tony Ross, a competitor sponsored by varsity cheer. Mr. Ross believes that,” As a student of NHS, I feel as it is groovy and I will be taking the first place prize home.” That is a pretty bold statement, yet it signifies the competitiveness and seriousness surrounding this pageant. Competition between boys at Northwood pageants has never been this serious, so the guys will be preparing intensely to take the crown home.


This pageant is also different in the eyes of the girls who have formally been a part of local pageants. One specific girl is Haley Hearron, Northwood’s Danceline captain. She believes,” It’s gonna be really fun and a new and exciting way to let boys have a little fun and try something new.” Another Northwood former pageant contestant who shares a similar opinion is Mackenzie Shewmake, a freshman here at our school. Her opinion on the pageant is,” I think it’s a good idea cause pageants shouldn’t just be for girls.” She is absolutely right.


Overall, the Prince Charming pageant is a fun and exciting way for our guys here at Northwood to competitively put themselves on stage and strut their stuff. Some men here at Northwood may even come out and show how much they really are hiding from the world. Whether taken seriously or not, this event could definitely be a hit here a Northwood High School.