Written By: Jeraveya Foster


Football season is upon us and the atmosphere is just right. There is a legend behind our beloved rivalry with the North Caddo Rebels which all started in 2007. Many of you know about the mascot statues but not about the legend. Northwood has a falcon and North Caddo has a Caddo Chief statue, whoever wins the game for that year gets the opposite teams statue and holds it for the remainder of the year. The following year the team presents the statue on the field during the game. It gives the football players a reminder for why they are playing.
Over the previous years and currently Northwood has kept the Chief Caddo statue. We have had it since it all began. The very first games’ score was NHS- 30 to NC-22. This is the closest North Caddo has ever gotten to win the football game. In 2008 the score was 20-0 Northwood. That wasn’t really a blow out but that seems like an easy game to play. Between the years 2009 and 2010 it was more or less a regular game with Northwood winning. In 2011 it was a low scoring game of 7-0. In the later years it was mostly the same until we beat North Caddo last year with the score of 77-7.
This year we played North Caddo for our open seasoner. The score for the game was 49-0. It was a great game to open the season up for a successful year. This rivalry between North Caddo and Northwood will always go down in history as we continue to house the Chief Caddo for the next year.