By: Jeraveya Foster and Pierce Hayes

This past Thursday night, our very own Falcon football team made Northwood history by ending this season undefeated. This year’s team is the first in Northwood’s history to go into the playoffs with an undefeated 10-0 record, . Thursday night, Northwood defeated the Bossier Bearcats by a score of 56-26; it was a spectacular night for our seniors as they celebrated senior night with a outstanding win. Additionally, in honor of Senior Night, all of our seniors were appointed team captains. Our Falcons are now gearing up to face the South Terrebonne Gators this Friday night in a home playoff game. Don’t forget to wear your camoflage to school on Friday as we “Hunt the Gators”

       2018-2019 Seniors

Tim Arrant

Tyler Lummus

Kyren Brown

Walker Elkins

David Dominick

Kahail Mester

Trayon Jones Jr.

Jaylen Palmer

Jared Garland

Jacob Vaitkus

Deountre Henderson