What is peer- pressure? Is it really your peers? Or is it your own decisions? Peer pressure is defined as “influence from members of one’s peer group.”  Your peers influence you more than you realize; but, does your conscience weigh more than their influential ways? When a student says they were “peer-pressured” to do something, they had the option to say no. Maybe they had a reason to say yes or to not say no, but either way it goes, they always find someone to put the blame on. Let’s be real for a second – would your friends really criticize or ridicule you for saying no? Whether they do or not, do you care that much about how “cool” you look when taking part in those actions?

Each and every day a student is peer-pressured into saying yes to something new. Anyone can be peer-pressured. Alcohol, drugs, sexual intercourse, bullying, stealing, and a plethora of other elements can be what you are pressured by in your daily life. Your friends may not be the one negatively influencing you. Social media has a lot more impact on your life than friends in some cases. You see that pretty, skinny girl with blonde hair and you want to look just like her- so you start a diet and dye your hair. You see that guy with the abs and big biceps- so you get a gym membership. Not only is peer-pressuring taking over your thoughts, now it is taking over your actions. It affects your self-confidence and how you love yourself.

Peer-pressure is becoming a daily occurrence and it happens too often. Next time you are with your friends, watch, look to see the influence of your peers on the people around them. Check your environment. Are you in a positive or negative environment; are the people around you boosting your self confidence or are they tearing you down? Be aware of your conscience when you are scrolling on social media. Try not to wish that you looked like that girl or guy. Be your own person. Love yourself. Love who you are and do not  let peer-pressure affect you.

Hey Falcons! I am Grayce Fowler. I am a junior at NHS; since my freshman year, I have acted as the Class President for three years, played on the volleyball team, and been a part of many clubs and organizations. Some of which include: Falconettes, JV dance, Falcon Line, National Honor Society, FAME, FCA, Beta, Flight Line, and Student Council where I serve as Junior Representative. I love being a Falcon and will be a Falcon until the day I die!