By: Jeraveya Foster  Image Credit: Jayden Williams

As the Thanksgiving holiday concludes and the Christmas holiday approaches, one Falcon student is very thankful for his early Christmas present.

On Veterans day, tenth grader Jayden WIlliams was extra thankful for one certain man overseas protecting our country. Jayden is awaiting the day when his father comes home on the special date of December 1, 2018 from a two and a half year long deployment in Abu Dhabi. During his two year deployment, Jayden was given the opportunity to accompany his mother on the trip to Abu Dhabi to visit his father this past summer. Although this is not the first time he has traveled to Abu Dhabi to visit, he said this trip was most memorable because “we knew it would be the last trip.”

SMSgt (Senior Master Sergant) Williams has been in the United States Air Force for over twenty six years and “has a case full of awards.” While in the Air Force, Sergant Williams has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business among other accomplishments. Jayden has traveled to Dubai, Oman, Singapore, and several states within the United States visiting his father. One reaso Jayden is excited for his dad to come home is that he “ won’t have to do as much at the house.”  He is also excited for his father to see in person Jayden’s extracurricular activities such as concerts at school, track meets, and Tae Kwondo belt testing. This will be the first time in a long time for his dad to be home for Christmas and the last time in a long time that Jayden has not gone to Abu Dhabi for Christmas. Jayden’s feelings can be summed up with his last thought that “Overall, I can’t wait till my father comes home so our family will be whole again!”