Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 24th annual Social Studies Fair this year. Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Herndon were very impressed with this year’s entries. It was an interesting day to be a Falcon!

Grand Champion- Lacey Patrick

Anthropology- 1st- Madison Butler, 2nd- Kar’landrea Hollis, 3rd- Gracie Driskell

Economics- 1st- Grayce Fowler, 2nd- Kathryn Niestoeckel, 3rd- Emily Maples

Geography- 1st- Addie Parker, 2nd- Caiden Byrd, 3rd- Lindsey Sprayberry

Louisiana History- 1st- Lauren Polson, 2nd- Anya Jackson, 3rd- Meredith Davidson

Political Science- 1st- Cheyenne Wicks, 2nd- Camryn Cook, 3rd- Abigail McCollister

Sociology- 1st- Lacey Patrick, 2nd- Mackenzie Miller, 3rd- Jayden Williams

US History- 1st- Lindsey Deavers, 2nd- Taylor Sanders, 3rd- Hannah Ward

World History- 1st- Coby Yoder, 2nd- Nilah Pollard, 3rd- Megan Robertson

Group Geography- Kendall Dykes and Corey Marshall