By: Grayce Fowler

Duck and deer hunting mean a lot to Northwood students, current and former. Not only are students excited about hunting, but they are also motivated by the time they are able to share with friends and family in the stand or on the water. The majority of hunters happen to be teenage boys, showing the family tradition that has long survived throughout generations of families that attended Northwood. Most students who hunt enjoy going with either their friends or their father. There are multiple reasons for hunting; one being for the meat and one for recreation. One eighteen year old individual said, “I duck hunt because there’s nothing like duck hunting. Yeah there is deer hunting, but duck hunting is different. When I see a group of mallard drakes I get anxious, excited, and stealthy. Mallards are the birds I chase, that’s why I’m that way, there is just something about them that makes me want them. You may ask why I get stealthy, well honestly that is with any bird. Ducks are extremely smart. They know where they’ve been and remember that there may be someone in that blind, especially after they split because they have been through war. So they will make a couple passes and watch what really close. If they see movement in the blind and they know it is not the brush, they will leave. But it could be the way a single decoy is, if its facing the wrong way or a little too much under the water, they will leave. They are hard to hunt. It is a challenge. That is why I love it. I hunt with my brothers, my uncles, and extremely close family friends. We travel all over chasing birds. We have been deep into Texas, up in Arkansas, south Louisiana, and Mississippi. The rest of my family has been to Canada and I am going up there next year. We have a lot of fun duck hunting and make a lot of memories we won’t ever forget . They are the best times in my opinion. I live for the two months that we get to hunt.” I also spoke to a seventeen year old female who said, “I love deer hunting. It is one place I can go to get away from all of the other worries in life. I get so stressed out about school and all of my work that I can go to the deer stand and not have a worry in the world. I love being able to sit there with my grandpa and just pray to God to send that deer right out in front of me to kill. It is more than a hobby to me, it is a lifestyle. It is one of those things where you enjoy the peacefulness of sitting there in silence, but then get that rush when you see that deer come out of the woods, then the excitement of knowing that you will be able to feed your family. It is just one of those times that you’d never forget or regret. I live for the early mornings with my grandfather- just me and him. It is one of the best times that I know won’t last forever, so I take advantage of it now.” Students here at Northwood often participate in outdoor activities outside of school, as we sometimes showcase. A lot happens outside of these burnt orange double doors. Hunting is a way of life for many students here, and it’s a time for fellowship, family, and fresh game.