By: Lacey Patrick

In this 2019-2020 volleyball season, three varsity players have broken these records, players Jada Hawkins, Addy Parker, and Lacey Patrick. These players have worked hard throughout the summer and season, to prepare for obstacles such as this one. While these players may be excited to break a record, it doesn’t only reflect on them. The whole Northwood Volleyball Team made it possible for them to achieve these records. These student-athletes couldn’t have performed their position and broke records without the help of their other teammates setting them up for the play. It’s truly a team effort, and these players pushed their team even further by successfully breaking a record by playing their positions the best that they could to their extraordinary abilities.

Jada Hawkins, Varsity Senior Volleyball Captain, broke the record for the most digs. A dig is a playable pass off of the other teams hit. After hard work and dedication, Jada was able to break this record with her team supporting her the entire time. Jada felt after breaking the record, it motivates her to “continue to push the record even further.” By doing this Jada encourages the future diggers of the team to push even further than she did, like a great captain should.

Lacey Patrick, Varsity Junior Volleyball captain, broke the record for the most assists. An assist is when one sets the ball, typically with their hands, up to a hitter so they can hit the ball. A setter is typically supposed to try and get to every second ball, unless they call for help. What motivated Lacey to break the record was her competitive spirit and breaking a challenge. Lacey feels that breaking a record “will encourage the future varsity members to continue to strive for the best” and to break the new record that she has set for them. 

Addy Parker, Varsity Senior Volleyball Captain, broke the record for the most kills. A kill is when the hitter hits a ball down and gets touched only once or not at all by the other team. Addy broke the record through the support of her team and older sister who pushed her even harder to break the record. Addy feels amazing to know that “after playing so long on this team” she can rest assured that she “left a mark on the team” and is “inspiring future players to make a new record for themselves. “

Northwood High School and its supporters are so impressed and proud of these incredible girls and their team for making this possible. It’s truly something to be proud of. These girls are leaders who have all made their mark on this team, especially by leaving challenges for other future players to take on.