By: Dylan Cella and Ariel Festervan

Multiple jobs and positions are the true driving force of a school’s success. For instance, the teachers, faculty and staff, principal, and last but certainly not least, the assistant principal are the heart and soul of a successful school story. Recently at Northwood High School, our assistant principal Dr. Pendleton moved to Southwood High School to serve as their principal. Although we will all miss Dr. P,  we are proud to welcome our new assistant principal, Mrs. Bullock. 

Mrs. Bullock is extremely excited to start her new job here and Northwood has already made sure to greet her with nice and welcoming faces. Although Mrs. Bullock was not an assistant principal at her previous job, she has had experience with administration when she was a “math, science, and technology coordinator for the parish and I was at Southwood before I came here.” Assistant principals have many responsibilities and are very hard workers٫ but Mrs. Bullock is ready to take on that challenge. Mrs. Bullock is already getting to work by helping students and staff with anything they may need. So far, Mrs. Bullock believes Northwood is an outstanding school and her time here so far is  “the best experience ever” and she feels as if she has “just come to heaven.” As nerve racking as this job can be, she is “not really nervous about anything because even though I am not a new administrator, I’m coming with all the skills necessary to do the job.” Mrs. Bullock is a strong and helpful person and we can’t say enough how extremely happy we are that she is here! 

New opportunities can often lead to great outcomes, and that is definitely the case with Mrs. Bullock. She is more than prepared and skilled enough to get the ball rolling and begin her new job as assistant principal. Everyone hopes Mrs. Bullock loves Northwood as much as they do and are very proud to welcome her to the Nest!