By: Lacey Patrick

Northwood’s Open House for the incoming Class of 2024 was a success. Open House opened with our color guard and Student Council members speaking to the upcoming Falcons. Some members even participated in making a skit to show everyone how great it is to be a falcon, and once you are, you wouldn’t want to be anything else. A high school experience is like no other, and everyone who participated in the open house tried to convey this to the current eighth graders through pictures of some of our current students’ high school memories. After the eighth graders were able to look around the old gym and checkout or sign up for any extra activities they were interested in, they were able to take a tour of Northwood’s campus.  Even the parents got to experience what Northwood would be like, and while their kids were touring the school, they were able to go around the room and observe the activities their kids signed up for. After a great tour from our student council members, the students and parents had to get pepped up for the upcoming first year of high school, so our spirit teams tried their best to amp them up at the pep rally. With great success at the pep rally and open house, Northwood is sure their future falcons are going to have a great high school experience here. Go, Falcons!