By: Lacey Patrick

Numerous NHS students participated in the Louisiana 4-H Shooting Sports Regionals Competition on March 4 through the 8th in Grand Cane, Louisiana. The students participate in the Modified Trap Shotgun, Advanced Shotgun, Archery, Rifle, Air Pistol, and Muzzle Loader competitions. Students including Shelby Coody, Franchesca Wooldridge, Cooper Greis, Jacob Grant, Kade Childress and Paul Stevens, all members of the Caddo Parish 4-H club, made it to the state qualifiers.  Kadence Peal, a 4-H shooter at Regionals, finds a passion in shooting because “it’s really fun to go out of town and create bonds with [her] friends and family.” Kadence was inspired to start shooting when her older brother, Dawson Peal, who also participated in the Regionals shoot, began at a younger age. She has now been doing it for two and a half years and at Regionals took home ninth place in FITA, and top fifteen for 3D. All of the students who participated in shooting are very successful and passionate about what they do. Their strive for greatness allowed them to be able to express just how good they are at what they do, and share their love with the rest of the community through this competition. Everyone is very proud of our student participants and their ability to do so much more than just school, and are able to find interest in outdoor activities keeping traditions alive such as shooting for competition. Louisiana is made to be an outdoor state, and these young adults prove to the state just how much fun and success one can have by going outdoors and finding something that the heart enjoys.