Dear Falcons,

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, we recognize that the last five months have been clouded with uncertainty. We at Northwood High School want you to know that your Falcon’s safety is our number one priority. We have worked diligently this summer to implement the new policies and protocols of Caddo Parish along with specific Northwood procedures to ensure that each Falcon will have a productive and safe school year. Below is an outline of the instructional options available for every student. There is also a chart of the expectations for every aspect of a Falcon’s school experience. Please know that we are confident in our plan and can’t wait to see our students! Go Falcons!


A/B Hybrid Schedule:  This schedule is designed to drastically lower class size by having a portion of the students physically attend school on Mondays and Wednesdays (A Hybrid) while the remaining students physically attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays (B Hybrid).  On the days the students are not physically in class, they should be logged on to their computers at home during their classes’ assigned times.  While students may not be seated in their classrooms, they will be able to see and engage with their Northwood High School teacher.   The online platforms that teachers will be using are Canvas and Zoom.  

Virtual Schedule:  This schedule is designed to allow students to stay at home while engaging in an online education with Northwood teachers.  Students are expected to wake up each day and log in to their classrooms at the designated times.  Students will be able to participate in the learning process with the Hybrid students who will be both in the classroom and at home.  Students will be able to ask the teacher questions through the Zoom messaging feature.  

Hybrid students were designated as A or B students according to the activities and/or special programs in which they are involved.  Because of the size of our student body, we were only able to make exceptions for family concerns. This information has been recorded in JCampus and may be accessed by parents as soon as JCampus is updated to the 20-21 school year.  You may also call the front office at 318-929-3513 to learn your Falcon’s designation. Please click the Student A/B Day Designation Spreadsheet link below to access a spreadsheet which indicates your child’s designation organized by student id number. The spreadsheet will be updated daily as the Strong Start parent surveys are completed indicating whether your child will attend through the hybrid or virtual option. Please click on the grade tabs within the spreadsheet to find your child’s id number and designation.

Please access the spreadsheet link below regarding A/B student designation for hybrid learning.

Please access the spreadsheet link below regarding student designation for virtual learning.

Please access the slideshow below for specific details regarding protocols for the upcoming school year.