Northwood has an exciting opportunity to install a new courtyard within our school grounds! You also have an opportunity to not only help to sponsor this new addition to NHS, but to also commemorate an alumni, or special Falcon, by purchasing elements of the courtyard including trees, picnic tables, benches and pavers (original message) to be displayed on the grounds of the Northwood Courtyard. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these elements, please follow the link below.

Print off the order form and send in with a check, or call the office for more information. If you would like to pay for a paver online, please follow the link below. As always, the courtyard will be a great place to hang out as a Falcon!

Commemorative Landscape Paver Purchase Information (Link to Pay Online)

Commemorative Landscape Paver Purchase Form (Form to Pay With Check)

Commemorative Trees, Picnic Tables or Bench Form