It is with great pleasure that Northwood High School names Mr. Curtis Mills, band director of the Best Band in the Land, as our 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year. For the past several years, Mr. Mills has dedicated his time and energy to growing and strengthening our band as a whole, while also pouring hours of encouragement, knowledge and support in to individual music students.

Each year, NHS administration chooses one of its many tireless and deserving faculty to serve in the prestigious role of Teacher of the Year. This year, especially, it is even more imperative to highlight the time, effort, selflessness and fortitude each of our teachers has displayed in the wake of the current pandemic. Mr. Mills is a perfect example of this dedication to his students, craft and school community. According to Mr. Wall, Mr. Mills has displayed a “level of professionalism and class for our music department that has exceeded our wildest expectations.” Our band has an indelible presence whether they are on the field, in the stands or at competitions. Mr. Mills has led this change in our instrumental music program- the band’s sound, the band’s heart and the band’s influence is such that has not been seen, or felt, at Northwood for a long time. Mr. Wall acknowledges that Mr. Mills is also responsible for changing the culture of our band program and making it once again “cool to be in the band at NHS!”

Congratulations to Mr. Mills, and his family, for earning this recognition for his commitment, sacrifice and diligence while serving as our esteemed band director. Northwood’s administration, faculty, staff and students are beyond proud to have him represent the Nest as our Teacher of the Year!