Woody Cabrera and Kelsey Womack have been named Mister and Miss Northwood for the Class of 2022. Along with this prestigious honor, Woody and Kelsey, and other classmates, have been chosen as this year’s Senior Selects. Students from all grade levels voted on Mr. and Miss Northwood, and members of the senior class chose the following seniors as stand out students in their respective categories.

2021-2022 Senior Selects:

Most Likely to Succeed: Nilah Pollard and Carson Wall

Worst Driver: Abigail McCollister and Jayden Cook

Best Hair: Gracie Dupont and Woody Cabrera

Life of the Party: Hannah Ward and Britain Bickham

Teachers Pet: Hannah Oakes and Taylor Shepherd

Best Dates to Meet the Parents: Kelsey Womack and Joshua Terry

Best Dressed: Ty’Sheanna Thorton and Calvin Washington

Class Clowns: Takayla Sparks and Jordan Clark

Tik Tok Try-Hards: Takayla Barkers and Kendall Dee Flournoy

Future Rappers: Hailey Mcknight and Derrick Shepherd