By: Carson Wall, Flight Line News

Northwood High School has always been a school that provides every opportunity for its students to leave a legacy on both this campus and the world. One student who has created such a legacy through her academic and athletic success is Lindsey Deaver. Lindsey, a senior and currently ranked number two in her class, earned the Northwood Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship at Senior Recognition Night this past Thursday. This $500 scholarship is awarded to a Falcon who hails from previous generations of Northwood students and continues to uphold the legacy and impact of their family on Northwood High School. Lindsey’s grandparents, Craig Deaver and Patti Nicholson Deaver, both attended Northwood, as well as her parents, Randy Deaver and Dixie Lafitte Deaver. As an outstanding member of the Falcon community, Lindsey continues the Deaver legacy of success, compassion, and determination.

Lindsey has always striven for the highest level of academic achievement, and she has reached this level through her tireless dedication and work ethic. Once Lindsey is finished with her classes at Northwood, she goes home and continues to work on college courses online. Currently, Lindsey has accumulated an outstanding 36 college hours through her coursework. According to Lindsey, her future plans are to major in molecular and cellular biology at LSU Shreveport and then apply for medical school. Lindsey, however, does not just excel in the classroom, but in all fields of opportunity at Northwood High School. She is actively involved in Student Council, Beta Club, and National Honor Society, and she participates in volleyball, track and cross country. Lindsey is a truly exceptional Falcon. Congratulations, Lindsey!