By: Leah Buckley

Our own Lily Drach has another win under her belt as Debossier’s Champion Goat Showman. Last Saturday, September 24, 2022, Drach decided to take one more opportunity to “snag an extra title” by showing her goats before the Louisiana State Fair, where she will proceed to show once again. Another one of her goats was selected by a judge to go to a reserve market as a result of winning second place overall in his weight class. 

“It is about how you work with your animal,” Drach explains when describing her showing career. She mentions that your animal should seem like it would make a good meal. The way you present yourself and your animal determines the outcome of what rewards you may receive. The names of the two goats she decided to bring are Spencer, the first place winner, and Ravenstein, the second place winner. Spencer allowed her to receive the title of Champion Showman due to the impeccable presentation given. The key to goat showing is attempting to make your goat seem the most delectably appetizing, and that is exactly what Lily Drach did with this one. She does not stop there, though. Her second goat, Ravenstein, was named the second place winner in Class 5, where he shall then move on to the reserve market. All awards combined, Drach received a $100 check, wooden plaque with the “Debossier Show” labeled on it, and two rosettes. 

This is nothing new to Lily Drach; she’s been pursuing this career of hers for approximately six years now. She mentions how it runs in the family, as her dad, both brothers, and mom have had plenty of experience with animals growing up. Drach even states that her parents got engaged at 4H camp –an organization in which showing animals is an aspect of– where they originally met each other. When asked about where her desire for goat showmanship originated, she explained that her grandfather took her to her first cattle show when she was little. After taking a sudden interest in it, she asked her mother if she could partake in showing cows. She said no, but eventually “compromised on goat showing.” Drach picked up on this career very easily and has competed in several shows since then. Her latest achievement of gaining the title “Champion Goat Showman” is proof that staying consistent with your career will certainly pay off. Congratulations, Lily Drach!