By: Lily Drach

This last week, many students both in and out of the 4H club competed in the Louisiana State Fair. This yearly tradition excites many students, as it is a chance to see all of their hard work pay off. These students work all year to create masterpieces to display at the state fair.
Starting last week, livestock showmen brought their animals and began the process of washing, clipping, feeding and showing that would occupy the rest of their week. These kids stay up late and get up early, and spend their entire day in a dusty barn just to pull themselves together just in time to walk into the show ring. When speaking with Hunter Patton he said, “[he shows because] it’s a good thing to do during the summer, to get you out of the house… make you somebody and get you ready for college”. His excitement for the state fair was a wonderful example of the average showman.
Besides livestock 4H has many other outlets for creativity. From shooting sports to sewing, there is an activity for everyone. One person who takes advantage of these opportunities is Madeleine Mathews, livestock showman, photographer and president of the Northwood 4H club. Her passion for the organization is evident in the time, effort and attention she gives it.
This year’s State Fair was overall a successful effort for all members. While their projects may be done for this year, they are all chomping at the bit to get started on next year’s work!