By: Claire Crenshaw and Lily Drach

On December 1, 2022 Northwood High School hosted its annual Poetry Out Loud Competition. Numerous talented students were given the opportunity to recite the poems they worked so hard to learn. Each student was awarded a Participation Certificate for competing in this year’s competition. Once the judges contemplated the performances, they announced this year’s winners: 3rd place winner Kaylee Pickett, 2nd place winner Chance Sims, and overall champion Cody McLendon. These students wowed the judges with their emotional recitations and were rewarded with a trophy! 

The other students who participated were Kaitlynn Blackmon, Collin Cole, CaNiya Collins, Madison Davis, Ella Frake, Harper Hearron, Madison Helton, Madisyn Jackson, Joshua Layton, CeLiyah Savannah, Natalie Richardson, Addison Wall, Haley Chaffin, Cremsin File, Laci Gonsalez, Addison Kapera, Daylin Lacour, Kylen Nelson, Jonathan Ransburg, Jamirah Taylor, Maggie Dix, Abigail Gunnels, Anastasia McCullum, Allen Kilgore, Cade McLendon, Cody McClendon, Chance Simms, T’Nhoja Sneed, Mason Welch. Thank you to all the wonderful students who participated in this year’s Poetry Out Loud Competition!