By: Sage Ezell and Lily Drach

Northwood Student Council recently attended the 2023 Louisiana Association of Student Councils Convention at West Monroe High School. Select members were able to enjoy the yearly convention filled with keynote speakers, elections, campaigns, skits and more. Northwood High School ran for two state board positions: Gianna Robinson ran as representative for the position of Secretary/Host, and Abi Clifton ran for BESE Board. Both candidates were successful in their efforts and now have the honor of sitting on the state executive board. The students in attendance spent countless hours campaigning, placing their ballots, chanting and dancing their way through the weekend. Northwood as a whole ran for the secretary/host position. Students were handing out beads, postcards, and flyers to guide their fellow LASC members with the perfect pot of leadership gumbo. When speaking with the attendants, many shared similar opinions; Hunter Jones for example remarked on the size and beauty of West Monroe’s campus. When asked about his favorite part of the experience, he replied, “definitely the dance, a really good two and a half hours” (Jones, Hunter). He also shared his excitement for next year’s convention which will be held on our very own campus.
Our campaign to host was represented by Gianna Robinson, a junior whose love for Student Council is evident to all who know her. When asked about her position she relayed that she is “honored to hold this position and I know Northwood Shreveport is more than qualified to take on this feat of love and leadership” (Robinson, Gianna). While the task of hosting is daunting, the outcome will be better than any of us can imagine. Her hard work and dedication will be adequately reflected at the convention next January. Our falcons of Student Council are buzzing with excitement for the 2024 LASC Convention to be held in our hometown.
Sitting on the State Board next to Gianna is Abigail Clifton, the representative for SBESE. The BESE Board is responsible for elementary and secondary education with Louisiana being the only state with a student representative on the board. When conversing with Abi about her role she informed us that she is “so excited to have been given the opportunity to apply” and “cannot wait to fulfill [her] job as the SBESE member” (Clifton, Abigail). Abi’s go- getter attitude and positive personality makes her a perfect fit for this role. We are lucky to have Abi as our 2023 BESE Board Student Council Officer. The Falcon Family is so proud to have her and we cannot wait to see her grow in this position.
With this year’s convention ending, the students who attended were able to walk away with fond memories, new friends and anticipation for our turn to host.