Our drama students worked very hard to put on their 2023 play, Murder at the Malt Shop. They spent tons of time and effort to make this play the best that it can be. Actor in the play, Jude Kracman, says that they were informed about a play that Mrs. Hall, the drama teacher, wanted to do. She told them it would be a murder mystery, and they would have a chance to be a part of it. Jude said that their audition was a monologue they performed in front of the class, and Mrs. Hall picked who performed it well to be in the play. They were given their characters by the teacher based off who she thought they would perform best. 

After weeks of practice and rehearsals, these students put on this mysterious play Tuesday, November 7. They were so excited to produce this play for our community and did an excellent job. Great job, Mrs. Hall and our drama team!