It is tradition here at Northwood that at the end of every year our student body selects two young men and two young ladies from each grade to be their class Favorites. These students were chosen by their classmates because they show leadership, class, and overall popularity among their peers. These students were selected and had to uphold a 2.5 GPA or better and no suspensions.

Our 2023 – 2024 class favorites are
Seniors: Bella Bickham, Leah Buckley, Elijah Crawford, Terrion Jackson
Juniors: Tyla Small, Nova Ackley, Latravious Gay, Hunter Guess
Sophomores: Kaylee Pickett, Mckinley Fillingim, Devin McKerce, Justin Thomas
Freshmen: Ava Galambos, A’millyun Thomas, Mario Jones, Griffin Manas

One of our Junior class favorites, Nova Ackley says that she “is honored to be chosen as this year’s class favorite.” As well as Terrion Jackson says that he is “surprised at first but was really excited and honored to be chosen by my favorite classmates.” We here at Flightline are very proud of our class favorites and with them the best in the coming years.